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  • In Reporting Services, I mustaddinthetop of the reportthe average of thevalues foundin a column.Butwhen the reporthas more than onesheet, the averageonly whatis calculatingper sheet, soon each sheetwherethe average valueappearsto show adifferent value, whichis incorrect.

    So Iask for your supportformeas I dotoindicatethat the average valueoftheindependentcolumnofthe number of sheetshaving thereportis calculated.



    martes, 12 de mayo de 2015 17:45


  • Hello,

    If u use the page header you must use Variables from:

    Report-> Report Properties-> Variables-> Add.

    Try this:

    Name: AverColumn
    Value: =Avg(Fields!ColumnName.Value, "DataSet1")
    You must call:


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