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  • Hi to everybody, my problem is just that my Vista often don't want start with the NM3.4 (older versionsis the same), well, to be exact, normally starts, but with a 100% of CPU usage, so at the end it's the same, you can do anything, repeat 100% without any other aplication, just the system.

    I was asking to an official technet blogger named Paul Long, and he told me that sometimes my chipset (intel ipw 3945) works wrong and recomend me to update the drivers, as I did, and if the problem persist ask in the forum to get a global help.

    The first days after the updating worked right, sometimes didn't want to start but not was a normal issue, but the time goes by (I'm talking about a month or month and a half period) and the problems was every time more usuals, maybe one day start off right, but the next day not, maybe can start right after a restarting, or after an initial  checking  of the HD (not the full "chkdsk" just the concrete sectors, I can't remember exactly how it say, sorry).

    The only way to make the system works right (uninstalling apart) is restore it to an older point, no matter which, but this issue just works for a day or two, but as you will understand I can do that every day.

    Actually, the NM is not an important soft for me, but maybe in a nearby future could be, I installed it to check the net traffic, protocols, and all these stuff, because I'm studing computer science and want to learn more about networks, to be more trained the next year studding this subject.

    That's all, I hope that everything is clear, my english is a little bit spanglish for some moments.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    PS: I can't see the NM forums so I'm publishing at comments and discusions.


    jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011 18:16