• I have a very frustrating issue. I have a .NET app with an RDLC report that I print directly to a Zebra thermal printer (LP2844-Z). Due to the manufacturer discontinuing the model, we are trying to move to the GK420d. However, on the 420 the print job will pause and perform a backfeed between pages. With the 2844, it might do that for the first page break, but then it would print in a continuous stream.

    I have called Zebra and they had me try some settings changes, but they gave up and said "well, it's your program". Since the same report saved as a PDF and printed seems to print just fine, I imagine that they are in some way correct. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to even try to change.

    I have tried printing other reports from the same app with the same results and even created a new report with only text on it and no hard page breaks - same thing.

    I'd really like to avoid having to try to learn Crystal again. If anybody has any suggestions, I'd certainly appreciate it.

    viernes, 02 de marzo de 2012 17:19

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  • I also have this issue and the best I have got from Zebra is to ensure you use their own printer driver.  In my case this does not seem to help.  As you say printing from saved media does not have this issue, so seems very strange to do so when printed from an application.
    jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012 11:36