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  • Hi all.

    I have absolutely no experience with Windows Azure, so please be understanding with me :) I currently have a C++ project developed with Visual C++ 2008 involving as natural a set of classes, directories and the final executable. In summary the application starts, waits for incoming request at a specified TCP port, performs some mathematical calculations, and returns the result.

    I have a pair of questions about how to deploy the application in Azure:

    1. Is it possible to upload directly the executable or, alternatively, the source code of the project? In all the tutorials in the Developers section of the Azure web site they upload a single file of source code (be it a JavaScript or a Perl file). However my application (with all its classes) is already compiled and an executable is already generated. Can I do something equivalent to "uploading the executable" and then "double-clicking it" to start listening for requests?
    2. I would also like to know if Azure returns a static IP address for the application or just a name like This has implications for the source code of the clients of the application: do I have to make a DNS request for the name of the application first or can I connect directly for a known IP?

    Many thanks, and forgive my naivety :)


    jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012 15:16