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  • Hi.

    I would like to help me to understand what would be the billing for to use SQL Azure.


    • I have developed a VFP9 application using SQL Azure.
    • The application will run in each user's physical machine.
    • The application will be used by 5 users (5 PCs).
    • The database is less than 1 GB.


    1. There are limits on the number of concurrent users?
    2. There are limits on the number of consultations between the implementation of VFP9 and SQL Azure?
    3. There are limits on the volume of data transfer between the implementation of VFP9 and SQL Azure?
    4. What is the bandwidth service base of SQL Azure database?
    5. What Windows Azure services are involved and what are the rates?
    6. The Billing is for each user?
    7. If there is a prior payment, what is the value?
    8. They would improve access to SQL Azure if I contract the service of bandwidth?

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

    viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012 17:56

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  • Hi,

    This forum it's only in spanish and this question have an answer in this thread:


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