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  • Questions for AZURE

    The performance is really low for a database that exceeds 1GB. We have only made tests with one of our customers with a small DB, but we have other customers with DB of around 60GB.

    Our application is a desktop app on Windows 10.

    When a form works with several tables that use JOINs the process becomes extremely slow, making it impractical for the customer to use AZURE. These tests where performed with only one user connected, for what we assume it will be worse with several users connected to the system.

    NOTE: This same form, using a DB MS SQL SERVER in the LOCAL NET has a perfect performance.

    Maintenance affairs:

    Currently, our customers use a server in their LOCAL NET that has SQL SERVER installed (versions from 2008 to 2014). They manage their own BACKUPs.

    In certain occasions the customer may have problems with their app. In that case, we ask them for a copy of the DB (bak file) that we restore in our server in order to look for the problem. By working in our local system, the test files that may be produced in the maintenance process never affect our customers’ database.

    Can we perform this maintenance process with AZURE? As I understand it, the customer can only restore their own BACKUPs inside their own AZURE account.

    Is it possible to download a BACKUP from the customer’s AZURE account and restore it in our SQL local server?

    Is it possible to download a BACKUP from the customer´s AZURE account and upload it in our AZURE account to test it in a comfortable and fast way?

    Is it possible that the customer creates a resource – inside their AZURE- with a copy of their DB for testing, to which we can connect with our app? Could we have a User/Password that is only valid for that resource and test DB?

    viernes, 1 de junio de 2018 10:35

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  • Hello

    First this is a spanish forum, so I am not sure how much help you can get, better try on the american version.

    Outside that is this IaaS or PaaS offering of SQL? Sounds like PaaS, in any case in both you can download the database and share it, for the other question what type or service or machine is the customer using? do you have a waitstats capture?


    sábado, 2 de junio de 2018 3:31