my hotmail account has been hacked RRS feed

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  • hey,
    my hotmail account was hacked(
    not recently but 5 months ago
    and since then i tried every possible way to get it back
    i tried reseting my password,but it didnt work,
    i tried to answer ma secert queston but they said the answer is incorrect,
    i tried to send a meesage containing a link to how to reset ma password in ma alternate email,
    but who ever haked into ma email had changed it.
    i really want it back cuz its also related to ma facebook and contains all ma messages and pictures and personal stuff.
    so plzzzz plzzz whoever read this and know how to get my hotmail account contact me at ma new email
    thx plzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeee
    miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009 6:41

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