Como puedo integrar esta busqueda, haciendo referencia a una tabla de una base de datos RRS feed

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  • Class FindSentences
        Shared Sub Main()
            Dim text As String = "Historically, the world of data and the world of objects " & 
            "have not been well integrated. Programmers work in C# or Visual Basic " & 
            "and also in SQL or XQuery. On the one side are concepts such as classes, " & 
            "objects, fields, inheritance, and .NET Framework APIs. On the other side " & 
            "are tables, columns, rows, nodes, and separate languages for dealing with " & 
            "them. Data types often require translation between the two worlds; there are " & 
            "different standard functions. Because the object world has no notion of query, a " & 
            "query can only be represented as a string without compile-time type checking or " & 
            "IntelliSense support in the IDE. Transferring data from SQL tables or XML trees to " & 
            "objects in memory is often tedious and error-prone."
            ' Split the text block into an array of sentences.
            Dim sentences As String() = text.Split(New Char() {".", "?", "!"})
            ' Define the search terms. This list could also be dynamically populated at runtime
            Dim wordsToMatch As String() = {"Historically", "data", "integrated"}
            ' Find sentences that contain all the terms in the wordsToMatch array
            ' Note that the number of terms to match is not specified at compile time
            Dim sentenceQuery = From sentence In sentences 
                                Let w = sentence.Split(New Char() {" ", ",", ".", ";", ":"}, 
                                Where w.Distinct().Intersect(wordsToMatch).Count = wordsToMatch.Count() 
                                Select sentence
            ' Execute the query
            For Each str As String In sentenceQuery
            ' Keep console window open in debug mode.
            Console.WriteLine("Press any key to exit.")
        End Sub
    End Class


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