How to exclude cpu usage diagram data from profiling report?


  • I wrote an application for my master thesis (a 2D simulation), which I now want to test. For that reason, I developed some testcases for my functionality. I now want to knwo about the performance of my different functions. My professor told me to use the Profiler from Visual Studio 2010, because it would do exactly what I need.

    So I started using it and did the first testcase for six times (so i got six reports for each time). The most interesting part of the reports for me, is the CPU usage diagram at the first page of the report (the summary page).

    The problem now is, that I need the data from this diagram, so i can build with this data from my six diagrams, a new one, which is thought to display the average CPU usage.

    However until now I have not found a way to extract this data. It is possible to export every other data (like marks, functions and so on), but not the cpu usage diagram. The same is with the comparison between two reports.

    But its the diagram data I need, because without it, I can only snapshot the diagram or write out the data by hand.

    I first thought, the marks and their data are what I need. But somehow it seems they do something else. For example the show at mark 8, an cpu usage of 25 percent. But at the diagram, the highest usage shown is 20.

    I hope someone can help me and explain how to achieve what I want to do.

    I am using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and my application is written in C++.

    Thank you

    martes, 26 de julio de 2011 11:23

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