Storage Emulator on dedicated SQL Server for v1.7 SDK version of Azure Tools RRS feed

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  • Up to v1.6 version of Azure, the storage emulator working properly using DSInit / server: <servername>, allowing a development group could share the same storage on developing time. Since I installed the new version v1.7 this is no longer possible, the new structure of 'DevelopmentStorageDb201206' database no longer saves the blobs content as field on database table (formerly Data field of the table BlockData ), but now the blobs are saved in the file system of the machine that runs the storage emulator and becoming reference to file with the FilePath field from the central database, causing an internal error (that hangs the response for ~1 min.)  in the storage emulator every time you try to access a blob from a computer different from that saves the blob in the storage.

    Can you help me to correct this problem o tell me how to configure the target path to save the blob files on dedicated SQL Server machine?

    I expect your answers.


    miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012 12:56