how to use local stringtable of a dll instead of general one RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have a Stringtable on the main proyect that sets tooltip over the basic identifiers, just like ID_FILE_OPEN, ID_FILE_NEW, etc. 





        ID_FILE_NEW             "Abre una ventana nueva dentro de la aplicación.\nNuevo"

        ID_FILE_OPEN            "Abre una ventana existente.\nAbrir"

        ID_FILE_CLOSE           "Cierra una ventana seleccionada.\nCerrar"

        ID_FILE_SAVE            "Guarda una ventana.\nGuardar"




    But, at runtime i load a dll that implements a CMFCToolBar thats use this kind of general controls, and i need to show different tooltips than the global tooltips.

    I set a new string table similiar than the last one, but implemented on the RC of the DLL, but nothing happened!, but, if i comment the String table implemented on the main proyect, and i leave the stringtable implemented on the dll loaded, the toolbar on the dll sets the new tooltips, and obviously the main proyect too.


    Please Help, i need to use a string table on the main frame and a different stringtable on the dll loaded but with the same IDs.

    I think that there would be a way for indicating to the stringtable that if there is another stringtable newest with the same Ids, discard the fist.


    Thanks in advance


    Christian Rojas


    miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010 15:47

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  • updateresource  api change StringTable;

    FindResource, BeginUpdateResource, UpdateResource


    lunes, 7 de junio de 2010 3:15