Moving VB6 programs from Win2k to Win7 RRS feed

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  • We have a couple of OLE servers coded in VB6 long time ago (EXE).

    They have been working fine in Windows 2000 boxes.

    Since we are having problems with our newer applications (.Net) in these Windows 2000 boxes, we are trying to migrate our existing services to Windows 7.

    When we configure the Automation Manager in Windows 7 to run an OLE server for local use it works ok.

    If we configure Automation Manager to use the OLE server for remote use with TCP I get a RUNTIME ERROR 70. Access denied at CreateObject( xxx )

    If we configure Automation Manager to use Named Pipes keeping the remote configuration, it works again (in the same machine).

    From what I’ve googled, I found that this error commonly appears when trying to write to disk o to the registry. In my case, I would assume that it is the later.

    We’ve added the OLE Servers to the permitted apps in the firewall, we’ve disabled the firewall, we are running with the admin account, we tried right clicking “run as administrator” with no luck.

    By the way, we found that the behavior is the same in XP SP4

    Any ideas on how to configure Windows 7 to allow OLE Servers to work as remote servers using TCP ?


    domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013 16:52