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    I'm facing a really big trouble.....this is what's happening, I hope you guys could help me.

    Using SSIS I'm starting new instances of a state machine workflow with instance store. but the endpoint for the workflow (actually it's expose through a workflow service) is my development machine, so in the service deployment table is addressing my development machine, but the application server is actually reading that database and trying to continue excecuting those intances, but I always get and error when i try to continue excecuting a workflow who started though the development machine, however if I start a new instance using the application server and try to continue excecuting in the same application server that particular instance it works.......

    I try to change directly in the database in the instance table in order to use the other ServiceDeploymentId (of the application server) and it doesn´t work.

    In summary what I'm trying to do is using SSIS starting instances (in my development machine) and then in the application server continue with the excecution of those instances.....this is for a migration of data, but later I'll have to export the data to the produccion what I can see is that I can't continue executing a instance if that instance wasn't created in the same application server where is the workflow service hosted. Is there a way to adjust the data in the persistence store, to point to the server I wanna continue running the state machine workflow?

    Thanks a lot

    viernes, 25 de enero de 2013 3:45