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  • Created a new cloud service project with a web role based in an existing MVC3 project. When I try to execute the web role in the azure compute emulator web site works fine except for the ausence of any images o css styles rendering the pages style less. When i try to access any of these missing resources (a css or image file, for example) by a direct Url on the browser only get an "Internal server error".

    I've checked the obj folder under the cloudService project and despite all views and dlls are present, the Content folder (where css and images should reside) is empty when I run the project in the compute emulator, BUT IT IS POPULATED when I perform a deploy agains the cloud.

    As a result of previous investigation on the forums I've checked and rechecked that these files have "BuildAction=Content", and that Static Content module is installed in my local IIS.

    I'm using Azure Tools 1.7 and VS 2010 on a Win7 64bits box

    UPDATE: when trying to start the web role in the emulator (pushing play button in VS2010) two warnings arise in the windows Application Event Log that seem to be related to the problem (both warnings have origin in IIS Express).

    here are the warnings (first in the original spanish version, later a personal english translation)

    "El directorio especificado para almacenar en caché el contenido comprimido C:\Users\dgarcia\AppData\Local\dftmp\Resources\c122a014-7804-49ec-b59f-c9f23c924050\temp\temp\RoleTemp\iisexpress\IIS Temporary Compressed Files\d42ecaeb-eabb-4dd2-89b8-aecd01f36ba3 no es válido. La compresión estática se está deshabilitando."

    "The directory specified for caching compressed content [very long temp path] is invalid. Static compression is being disabled."

    (2 seconds later fires the second warning)

    "Error del módulo FailedRequestTracing al crear el directorio '\?\C:\Users\dgarcia\AppData\Local\dftmp\Resources\c122a014-7804-49ec-b59f-c9f23c924050\directory\DiagnosticStore\FailedReqLogFiles\Web\deployment17(8).CloudService.BRAINVT.Web_IN_0_Web\'. No se generarán registros hasta que se corrija esta situación. El problema se produjo al menos 1 veces en los últimos 5 minutos. El dato es el error."

    "Error in module FailedRequestTracing creating directory [weird extra-long path]. No more logs will be generated until situation is corrected. Problem ocurred at least 1 times in the last 5 minutes. Data is the error (?)."

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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