A series Item list that does not change the values in previous meetings


  • Hi,

    I created a recurring event in my sharepoint calendar and in the home page of meeting workspace i have a custom series list.  The list will capture the status of all the projects that are currently going on.

    Intially i created the list as a regular list(not a series list).  But the problem with regular list is that I need to enter the list of projects for each and every meeting.  the list of projects do not show up automatically from last meeting.

    But i want the list of projects to appear automatically for every meeting something like a attendees list.  so i changed the list to a "series" list.  So now the list of projects appear for each meeting.  but now the issue is, when i remoe a project(a row), or when i change any value in a series list for a meeting, it changes the value in all the meetings including previous meetings.  How do i solve this issue?


    i want some column values to appear for each meeting, but when i change a value, it should be specific to that meeting only, and it should not change the values in previous meetings.  something like a attendees list.

    Thanks in advance.

    domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012 8:12


  • Hi rajeshj_18,

    Since Series Items affect across all meetings, you change values for one meeting will change all the values for every meetings.

    You can use “Edit in Datasheet” from custom regular list to make editing operations faster.
    Create a regular list in meeting workspace, add all the needed items, click Action > Edit in Datasheet, then copy all the items and paste in other regular lists within other meetings.


    Daniel Yang

    TechNet Community Support

    lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012 11:58