Help to make a counter for display the number of rows in a table RRS feed

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  • Hi All.. I have a simple application for remainders and i want to put a little label counter. For example i want to do this:

    When i open the application i want to see a Label [Unreaded Reminders] and a counter that show a number [0] if i dont have remainders or [x] for the number of unreaded remainders.

    Now i have a grid with the list of remainders. when i click it in one i see the content of the remainder and automatically change the status in my

    database to Read. In my table i have this fields: MessageID, MessageStatus and MessageContent.

    Im Quering the Table for count the number of Remainders with the MessageStatus = Unread., All works fine when i start my application however in runtime i dont have idea of how can

    i track when i open a remaider for decrease the counter or increment it when i add a new remainder.

    I could do something similar with a notification change in a local class but how can i do it in a query when inserts or updates are performed in a table...

    martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011 18:28