I need to filter only by country and/or by language RRS feed

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  • Hi, I only need News, I have this call:''la%2Bcaixa''%27&Options=%27DisableLocationDetection%27&NewsSortBy=%27Date%27

    I have 'DisableLocationDetection' parameter, but the API gives me results only Spain (I'm in Spain), I tried from graphical interface ( and from API

    1. Why occurs this?
    2. It's correct that the API works this way?

    I need to filter by country and/or by language (only if specified), per example:

    3. It's posible filter by country and/or by language?

    Currently to obtain results in lang='es' and country='any country' I search for every value of 'Market' parameters, as follows:


    4. This is only way?

    I see that in response columns are not country and language columns.

    5. Is there a way to have country and language columns in the answer ?

    Thanks a lot.
    miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013 13:35