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  • Hi,

    I have a requirement to link a document to one or more tasks, and a task to one or more documents.

    Versioning is enabled, Check-in Check-out also.

    I have Doc1, Doc2 and Task1, Task2, Task3.

    In Doc1 -> Edit Properties, I can add Task1 and Task2 in TasksLinked (lookup field linked to Tasks list), but in the related task (Task1 and Task2), the field DocumentsLinked (lookup field linked to Documents),  do not have any link to the Doc1.

    Also, in Task3 I add Doc1 and Doc2 as linked documents, but in Doc1 and Doc2 in TasksLinked, there is no Task3.

    Can someone help me how to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance.



    lunes, 30 de abril de 2012 13:33

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  • Please note that the lookup field function is a one-way traffic.  You can associate Task1/Task2 with DOC1 in the property window of DOC1. It doesn't automatically associate DOC1 back to Task1/Task2.

    If you really want to have this kind of behaviour, you will need do some SharePoint workflow or VS.NET workflow programming.

    There is no OOTB many-to-many relationship support in SharePoint lists.

    martes, 01 de mayo de 2012 0:04
  • Does there have to be an actual link, or do you just need to display the linked items?  Is there some kind of common field that you can use to link the documents and then display them on a page where you connect the web parts? 

    For example, "Link Number" field for Doc1, Doc2, Task1, Task2 and Task3 are each 12345.

    Then have a web part page with documents web part and tasks web part with a connection based on Link Number.

    Here is a link to more information about connecting web parts:

    Kim Frehe

    martes, 01 de mayo de 2012 2:58