Problem in sending authentication during OBEX connect using Bluetooth.

    General discussion

  • I have written written as profile over OBEX using Microsoft OBEX protocol implementation and trying to do qualification.
    The test case is

    1. OBEX Client send a OBEX Connect to Server.

    2. Server sends a response challenging the authentication.

    3. Client send a OBEX connect again with response for challenge.

    4. Server Response success.

    The current OBEX implementation from Microsoft provides 2 ways to do authentication.

          a. Call "IObexDevice::Connect(Password)"

          b. Call "IObexDevice::SetPassword(Password)" before connect.

    But both these calls gives only option to initiate a connection with authentication challenge, not respond to an authentication challenge from OBEX server.

    3. That is, the behavior will be,

          a. Client send a OBEX Connect to Server with authentication challenge.

          b. server says the test failed.

    Clarification needed


    1. MSDN entry for " IObexDevice::Connect "( ) says that

          "If a password is not specified and the server requires a password,

          a callback is made to the interface registered on the main OBEX object"

    2. But we do not get this callback(OE_QUERY_PASSWORD) notification form OBEX, moreover MSDN entry for OBEX_EVENT ( ) mention these callback values as "reserved for future".
    Anybody has an idea about it?

    Monday, August 17, 2009 11:01 AM