Anyone found a Mocking framework that can be used in the Compact Framework?


  • Hi Bob


    First please go for your favorite search engine. If you are not lucky enough, here are two alternatives:


    1.       Get the source code from an open source mocking framework (find some here), and compile it under the Windows Mobile/CE platform. Most likely you need to tune it in order to compile it successfully, and finally make it work properly. First make an assessment on how much work is needed, and then decide whether that’s the way to go.


    2.       The second option is to test the device-independent components on desktop. This is based on the fact that device assemblies can be used on desktop directly, provided that they do not contain device-specific features. By carefully design, and with the help of a Mocking Framework, it’s possibly that most parts of your project can be tested on desktop instead of on the device. But still we should realize the differences between the two platforms and take them into consideration.



    Chunsheng Tang


    Wednesday, August 20, 2008 4:20 AM