Linking Other Source .NET


  • I am JAVA developer and now need to try .NET and visual studio.
    Usually i will use DLL as my library references, but now i want to use .NET source file as references.
    Other .NET source file is not created by visual studio so that i cannot add linking other project.

    In eclipse JAVA IDE, i can do this by following step:
    1. Right click project and select build path
    2. Select link source
    3. Click browse and select folder as linking other .NET source
    4. Click finish
    Now we have two .NET source folder, original source is inside current .NET project and other is outside.

    When i want to compile my current project into DLL, i can remove my linking other source code project and
    add its DLL library as library references. This is will very help me if i want to debug problem and need observe
    other source project to know workflow.

    How can i do this similar approach using Visual Studio for my .NET project ?
    Friday, July 17, 2009 9:40 PM