Integating with InfoPath forms services



    Greetings all:


    I have just started playing around with InfoPath 2007.  I have the challenge of having to create a friendly "report" or basically mimick an Existing Word Document.  We have determined after the client pushed back on getting Office 2007 or the Compatiblity pack, that we would create a server side HTML document or somehow create a formatted "printable" view of the report.  Here is my current working enviornment info:


    1) SharePoint 2007, with the WSS Services available (Excel Services, InfoPath Forms Services, etc).


    2) We are under the assumption the end user will NOT have InfoPath or Office 2007 installed and the bulk this solution must live server side.


    3) I have a Forms Library exposing out a set of fields from the InfoPath document.  However, this is a massive document, over 10 pages and it contains a lot of dynamic or case fields.  We have exposed out at the form library level, several fields such as patient information, ids, active or archive, etc...however to generate the final report we will need these baseline fields but also fields which live inside the actual InfoPath document.


    With this being said, the final "report" needs to include text from the InfoPath document AND a chart.  This chart needs to be build from parameters or indicators which live in each InfoPath form (i.e - x coordinate is this, y coordinate is that, etc.).


    The charting aspect has me searching for answers.  Here is the initial idea I came up (minus the charts)


    1) Through CAML I can open the existing InfoPath document in the document library.  Through XSLT I can select only the fields I need and produce an HTML output showing the content.  In theory, I see this working fine.


    2) The problem is, how do I generate the charts, or basically create a merged document or view which also contains the needed chart.  My first idea was leveraging Excel Services - - somehow create the charts in Excel Services and then show them in the web part and somehow control the layout of the web part so the printable view doesn't look like a dashboard but a cohesive document.  This leads to my questions:


      - It is my understanding that the Excel Document must exist for Excel Services to render it and be in a trusted document library.  I have no problem setting this up before hand. I need to create a dynamic chart off of the current coordinates in the InfoPath document.  Can I invoke Excel Services through InfoPath ( a secondary data source and build the chart I need, somehow passing the needed parameters?).


    - Before I even get to the display of my web part page, is this even possible?  Can InfoPath feed to Excel Services some parameter logic and it creates the charts I need without the end user administrator having to manually create an Excel Document first?


    - Given this can work, can I create some formatted view containing all these aspects (the XSLT formatted text and the charts in the proper location?)


    3) Is this the wrong approach?  Any better ideas?  At the end of the day everything I need lives inside the InfoPath document besides the charts.  Since we are using Forms Services I can't find any way to embed a Chart or Excel Services "View" that isn't Active X or a Forms Services problem. 


    At the end of the day I need a formatted, printable view of the InfoPath information and charting


    I'm grateful for any ideas, no matter how off the wall they might be.



    Monday, September 10, 2007 4:22 PM