Help Connecting Webapp to second Vnet RRS feed

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  • I have two separate classic virtual networks connected site to site with dynamic routing and they able to communicate. The Vnets are in different subsciptions.

    • Vnet1 -
    • Vnet2 -

    Each Vnet has classic Virtual machines running and are able to communicate. I have created a Webapp and configured it with Vnet1 with point-to-site connection(

    The Webapp( is running and able to communicate with the Vms -( Vnet1. 

    However I would like to access the Vms in Vnet2 with the Webapp.

    Note:All the Vms are running Ubuntu server by the way.

    There is a similar msdn thread and a stackoverflow which are pretty much left unresolved. My situation is similar, I have database servers in Vnet2 and some Web servers in Vnet1 and the Webapp needs to be able to communicate with both Vnets.



    Sorry for the links, cannot submit links since my account is not verified yet.

    What are some possible solutions to this problem? Is it possible to do this using User Defined Rules, if so, any help is appreciated. Thanks

    Sunday, March 27, 2016 1:35 PM