Cannot Delete Storage Account (Operation performing that needs exclusive access) RRS feed

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  • Good Morning,

    I am unable to delete a Storage Account in the Azure Portal and PowerShell. I deployed a Storage Account with encryption the other day, and I think I was using the wrong syntax, and I think it started a process that has not timed out in a couple days of trying. I have since deployed the Storage Account encryption through an ARM Template, but when I try to delete the old Storage Account I get a “Conflict” Error,

    The Azure Portal log states the following:

    Conflict (HTTP Status Code: 409)

    statusMessage:{"error":{"code":"StorageAccountOperationInProgress","message":"An operation is currently performing on this storage account that requires exclusive access."}}

    PowerShell shows less detail; I believe just stating that there’s a conflict. The Storage Account is RM, empty, with no blobs. I know how to break a lease on a blob, but is there a way to break a lease on the Storage Account itself?

    Thanks in advance

    Saturday, November 26, 2016 2:11 PM


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