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  • Hi all,

    I want to share my projects with you. The first reason is that it can’t hurt to have an external link when one looks for a new job. The second – somebody might find it helpful. 

    The first project is an attempt to adopt the idea of automated acceptance testing within software development for robotics. We can formulate an acceptance test for some robotic system functionality as an aggregate of physical and software world configurations at the beginning of the test, some test scenario and criterion to be checked at the end. In terms of MRDS, these are the simulation engine state, the service manifest (with service configurations) and two pieces of code: one issuing some commands, the other making some assertions on the resultant simulation and software state. Bundle these pieces in a single whole (test), organize these tests in a suite, give them an automated runner tool – and you’ve got automated acceptance testing for robotics. So, the project provides means for development and organization of such tests and the tool for their automatic execution. Some test suite execution log looks like this:

    The second project is a basic control system for a differential drive mobile robot. Almost all of the necessary constituents are implemented (roughly): odometry, localization, navigation, obstacle avoidance, path planning, – all but the integrated system itself. The test suite execution log from the picture is, actually, theirs. Here is a cartoon of one run of the obstacle avoidance and navigation service based on Dynamic Window Approach algorithm:

    Thanks for reading!

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