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    I know this is may not really belong here, i wasn't sure in which category to include it in....

    I was wondering how was it possible to produce an itinerary on a map using GPS location coordinates.  For example...lets say i have GPS coordinates that identify how to get from one city to another using a specific route...i want to have a map and draw the route on that map.

    I imagine i would need special maps to accomplish this to be able to draw my GPS locations so that it matches the streets on the map.  I'm looking for basic information, maybe names or terms used so i can google them.  I mean searching for GPS and Maps in googles doesn't really return what i'm looking for ;)

    I'm mainly just looking to get pointed in the right direction...


    Monday, September 26, 2005 1:11 PM

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  • User1152494133 posted

    The "easiest" approach might be to use a mapping API, like the one from the G word, or MSN's version at:


    In this way, you don't have to worry about map projection and coordinate translation... Just upload your collection of points (i.e., via the client-side API functions to add pincushions, etc), and let the API to the heavy lifting for you.

    Tuesday, September 27, 2005 4:37 PM
  • User-1645351986 posted
    lol, yeah, the G word, I had thought of that too...except that this is sort of a dry run and eventually if my idea works i'd like to be independant and not have to count on another company.  So i'm kinda looking not necessarly for free GPS maps, i'm actually willing to pay for them.  But i'd have to code all the tracing process that these other services allready do.  It's been done by lots of companies, the G one :o, microsoft, mapblast, and lots more...  I was wondering if there was an design mechanism explained out there to do that or some kinda algorithm.

    Obviously I may be thinking too much ahead of myself here.  And I should start with using one that allready exists.

    Wednesday, September 28, 2005 1:14 AM
  • User1152494133 posted

    It really depends on your needs, I guess. 

    The simplest method (without using a free web-based mapping API) would be to get a flat graphic representing the map of your area, and then plot your points on the graphic (and connect each point with a line to the previous and next points).  The challenge with this is making sure that you know the projection that the map uses and the coordinates of the map boundaries so that you can accurately plot points inside of it (some complex trig math may be involved).  This obviously won't be able to trace street vectors, so if the street does not follow a straight line between two points, then your results will not be accurate.

    As you move up into more advanced mapping needs, you'll probably want to use dedicated mapping software like MapPoint, ESRI, or MapInfo (and possibly Google Earth), just for the rich data and accuracy, if nothing else.  These don't have to be used as packaged software, btw.  About 8 years ago, I saw MapInfo being used as part of a cargo delivery optimization software (you provide a daily manifest of deliveries for a city, and it could tell you how many trucks would be needed and what routes they would have to drive).

    Wednesday, September 28, 2005 8:10 AM
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    Thursday, November 17, 2005 9:36 AM