ReportViewer fixed height object containing can grow textboxes RRS feed

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  • I'm creating mailing labels in ReportViewer.

    My problem: I want the text fields to be set to canGrow as often times there is enough room on the label for more lines than the predefined ones. However, I do not want the text fields to push down beyond a certain defined height, say 1 inch for example. I'd rather have the data truncated.

    My reasoning: I don't want one label at the top of the list that has a long addressee to push beyond the bottom of the label thus causing subsequent label data to be misaligned therefore ruining many labels rather than just the one that was too long.

    I've tried putting textboxes and tables into rectangles but the rectangles just grow. I can't find anything that will cause truncation at a certain vertical distance.

    Any solutions to this?

    Monday, April 20, 2015 3:09 PM