ListBox Edits C++ MFC | How can i edit a number inside of the list box. (Self Solved)


  • So i am making a calculator and I have all the key functions like adding numbers and multiply and subtract.

    But i'm making a history box at the bottom of my calculator and I have it some what working, when you enter in the first sum eg. "21" when press + it places the number into the history box (ListBox).

    No here is the part i need help with big time. I have created another Dialog window with an Edit Control box and a "Okay" Button. When i double click on the a sum ie. "21" it will open the Second dialog window but wont display the text into the Edit Control the way i would like to.

    With the code I have setup it will only display the first sum you have entered regardless no matter how many other sums you add to the List Box.

    I am Really stuck on this and need your help, I have done the research for the past 2 hours and nothing i find has helped me.

    Here is the code I am using when you double click on the sum in the History Box:

    void CCalcDlg::OnLbnDblclkList2() // Double Click
    	CString str, str2;
    	int n;
    	for (int i = 0; i < HistoryBox->GetCount(); i++)
    		n = HistoryBox->GetTextLen(i);
    		HistoryBox->GetText(i, str.GetBuffer(n));
    		str2.Format(_T("item %d: %s\r\n"), i, str.GetBuffer(n));
    	int Num = atoi(str);
    	CEditNumber EditNumberDlg(Num);

    What this does is gets the number you are clicking on and setting it to a string then i am setting that string to the Integer Num. From here Num called in a different class and then i use a SetDlgItemInt(IDC_EDIT_NUMBER, buff); 

    int buff = Num;

    The outcome i need from this is that when i click on any number in the list box it will set it to the Num and display it inside of the Edit Control in the other dialog.

    If i have not explained anything clearly please let me know, I am bad at wording things sorry.

    Thanks in advanced.


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  • Solution:

    void CCalcDlg::OnLbnDblclkList2() // Double Click
    	CString str;
    	int index = HistoryBox->GetCurSel();
    	int Num = HistoryBox->GetCurSel();;
    	Num = HistoryBox->GetTextLen(index);
    	HistoryBox->GetText(index, str.GetBuffer(Num));
    	Num = atoi(str);
    	CEditNumber EditNumberDlg(Num);
    Not the neatest piece of work but it works.

    Wednesday, June 8, 2016 11:10 AM
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