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    I have specific problem. I've got PC and win ce board. They are connected to LAN via router so their ip's are like and When I start socket server on board listening on port 6543 and try to connect client from PC using the board ip and port 6543 connected is achieved. But the problems is somewhere else. The board is getting it's ip via dhcp so it could be random. My win ce is headless so it has no display and I can't check its ip (of course I can but imagine I can't). I would like my client from PC to connect automatically without entering any data (like ip or port). I can set constant port both in client and server so it's not a problem. The problem is in ip. There is function in .net I can use to get boards ip from my PC client app. It is dns.GetHostEntry(param). The param could be board's "device name". When I use it I can get IP. But there is a problem. I can set device name in registry, for example "MyName". When I start win ce, it gets ip via dhcp and everything seems to be fine, but dns.GetHostEntry doesn't work. It starts to work when I change device's name (in control panel without rebooting) to anything like for example "MyName2". It is strange for me, I would like dns.GetHostEntry to work without changing devices name after starting win ce. When I change name in control panel it seems like win ce is processing something for a while showing hourglass cursor for a moment. Maybe some network services are being restarted. Can somebody help me ?

    ps. sorry for my language :)


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