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  • For example I have 3 class 


    public class Enterprise
            public virtual int Id { get; set; }   

            public virtual ICollection<Work> Works { get; set; }



      public class Work
            public virtual int WorkId { get; set; }

            public virtual ICollection<Task> Tasks { get; set; }


     public class Task

            public virtual int TaskId { get; set; }


    How I can Get all Task belong some enterprize??????

    var query1 = db.Tasks.Where(d => enterprize.Works.Contains(d.Work)).ToList(); NOT WORK

    Monday, August 21, 2017 10:18 AM

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  • Hi Ahlompys,

    If you use Linq to SQL, you could use DataLoadOptions to achieve it, the following sample code for your reference.

    using (var db = new DataClasses1DataContext())
                    var dlo = new DataLoadOptions();
                    dlo.LoadWith<Enterprise>(p => p.Works);
                    dlo.LoadWith<Work>(w => w.Tasks);
                    db.LoadOptions = dlo;
                    var result = db.Enterprises.ToList();
                    foreach (var item in result)
                        Console.WriteLine("Id = {0}, name = {1}", item.Id, item.Name);
                        foreach (var sitem in item.Works)
                            Console.WriteLine("WorkId = {0}, entid = {1}", sitem.WorkId, sitem.EntId);
                            foreach (var subitem in sitem.Tasks)
                                Console.WriteLine("TaskId = {0}, workId = {1}", subitem.TaskId, subitem.WorkId);

    If you use LINQ to entity, we could use include method to achieve it, please check the following document(see Eagerly loading multiple levels).

    Best regards,


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