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  • When I use your search term in Google I get 240,000,000 results. 240 million!

    Why would a brand new 6-page website be anywhere other than at the back of the pack?

    Everybody who builds websites has read the same SEO boilerplate that you did. You have no advantage on any of them. But they have one huge advantage on you--time. They have been indexed by search engines longer than you. They have more content than you. They will always be first in line.

    Look at the sites that are on the first pages in the normal listing, not paid placement--look at their content, look at their graphics (and their typography!), look at what they write about, look at their layout. They are way bigger, have far more pertinent content that includes search terms (you seem to go far afield and off the point in your text).

    I only find 8 instances of "custom" in your site; no wonder it doesn't yield any results. But is that what prospective clients will search for?

    Then look at other sites on the web--CNN, PCMag, your local paper, , etc., etc. Whatever. That's what prospective clients are used to seeing. Your site has to look as professional as them (IMHO, it looks very dated, like an old FrontPage hobbyist's site). Here's a challenge--find another professional or business-to-business website that uses tiled raindrops as a background. Can't be done. What do the raindrops (or the Eiffel Tower) have to do with your services? Or with St. Louis? Are you in Paris or Missouri--the photos are given equal weight and there is no other clue.

    Most SEO is snake oil. Just follow the best practices and give it time. I don't know what you read, but you missed the part on alt-text. Your site does not take advantage of some basic SEO practices.

    I find the menu items changing places to be very unnatural (and not at all what modern sites do). It drives me nuts. How do you think a prospective client will feel after experiencing that menu? And the fancy Word Art script in the graphics is almost impossible to read--not a good impression--and very dated, kind of like a church-bulletin made with Publisher.

    Then, step back and look at your site as an advertisement. Why is it so hard to find your phone number? Your location? Why isn't it on every page? That's Advertising 101, and prospective clients know that. If someone did a search for website design St. Louis (which is likely) you'd be in no better position, because St. Louis appears only once on the entire site.

    Why are the paragraphs so loooong? Why do you use justified text, when nobody else does on the web? Justified text is badly supported by browsers and leaves awkward gaps (because there's no hyphenation in HTML). It's also harder to read, and--most importantly to you--people remember less of what they read in justified text. I'm not sure you have really used the web and noted what it looks like in 2014.

    When I was partner is a retail business, we would periodically take a moment as we opened one of our stores in the morning and stop in the doorway and look around as though we'd never been there before--like a new customer. We'd look for details, we'd compare our stores to competitors'. It's necessary.

    You have put yourself out there as a business, taking money from clients; you have to know this stuff. If you build a website for a client the way you have built this one, they will not have been well-served.

    And $600 for a 2-page placeholder site (home page with one image and a contact page)? That's outrageous. And Widgets doesn't have an apostrophe--no word is made plural with an apostrophe.

    Sunday, February 2, 2014 4:54 AM
  • Yes - You are missing something, and it's huge.

    You are efforts have been concentrated on "on page SEO"  They count almost NOTHING when it comes to ranking.  They are more about what you rank for, and they only count a little for that.

    When it comers to ranking, it's all about what happens off page, it's basically a popularity content and yes  favoritism is show to websites that Google likes.

    Should you still do on page and on site SEO?  Yes! It is very important to make your website readable and let the SE's know what you think the website is about.  But just know it's not going to help your ranking at all usually.(Occasionally if you done something on page/site that search Engines think is wrong or makes your website unreadable to them, making changes can help a great deal.

    Adjust your budget accordingly.

    St Petersburg Web Design | Florida Fishing | Florida Search

    Sunday, February 2, 2014 4:32 PM
  • Thank you for the input. I'm looking at SEO the wrong way.


    Sunday, February 2, 2014 8:19 PM
  • Bill, thanks for your insight/lecture. Your constructive criticism is welcome.


    Sunday, February 2, 2014 8:25 PM