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  • Sorry to raise this issue again, but can anyone clearly state the exact process and pricing for moving from my Empower ISV account to having 3 copies of Team Suite and the workgroup version of Team Foundation Server? 

    I hear all kinds of info on misc blogs, newgroups, etc about discounts (20%???) but when asking retailers, wholesalers, distributors, etc it seems MS hasn't let anyone else know about this except thier bloggers. 

    As part of this, I understand MS thinks Team System is an enterprise tool small ISVs won't need.  Does that mean its MS's position that small ISVs SHOULDN'T be looking at ways to impove code such as code profiling, static analysis, unit testing, code coverage, project management, test case management, etc?  Those are the areas thier own "Product Feature Comparisons" page says Team System offers over the version we get with Empower ISV.  If anything small ISVs need the most expensive option (Team Suite) because we tend not to have well defined job roles like manager, tester, arcitect, developer, like a large enterprise would.

    I realize the tools you get with Empower ISV are an amazing value for the price.  The issue it seems just about every Empower ISV partner has is that contrary to MS's opinion they do need/want those extra tools, but if you want that then Empower ISV isn't really for you.  If there is going to be such a huge disconnect between what MS things the small guys need and what the small guys themselves think they need, couldn't there at least be a less painful upgrade process?  Or a least some reliable documentation on what that process is?

    Saturday, August 5, 2006 10:52 AM