Questions about creating new In-app-purchases and consumables


  • My app is failing certification due to an exception occurring when my app is trying to load info for a newly created in-app-purchase. I'm working with a support rep on this, but I wanted to ask some questions here if anyone has any experience with this.

    1. If I create a new in-app-purchase offer in the Dashboard as part of a release, and the app depends on that IAP being available and valid, when the MS testers test the app, will the new IAP be available and valid?  I'm beginning to wonder that perhaps the new IAP is not yet enabled and actually doesn't become available until the app is released. This would mean that a MS tester using the app would not be able to see and test the IAP, which is absolutely crazy, but is the only logical explanation to what is happening.  Thoughts?

    2. Is there anything unique about the "Consumable" IAP type? Do you have to do anything differently to query it from the store? Using the proxy xml file I am able to load both Consumables and standard IAPs via the same loadListingInformationAsync() method, so they would appear to be the same. But when loadListingInformationAsync() is called by the MS testers, my newly created consumable is not included in the result.

    3. If the ProductId for an IAP contains numbers, is that a problem?  My consumable IAP contains a number in the ID, whereas my other working IAP is just letters. 

    thanks for any insight!

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 4:12 PM

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