If the Supported element is skipped at the initial Sync phase from client to server (when using Exchange 2007 SP1), what happens when updating the contacts? RRS feed

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  • Dear Sirs,

    When a mobile device issues a Sync request with the <Supported> element to specify what contact elements are not ghosted, the Exchange 2007 SP1 will return status 4. 

    I am aware that this is the product behavior issue. According to [MS-ASCMD]: the Supported element should be skipped when issuing the initial Sync. In this way, all the contact elements would be not ghosted.

    Although the information have been given in:, it still confused me.

    Does this mean that all the existing values would not be preserved?

    Could you kindly give some detailed examples of updating contacts for explaining the behaviors?

    For example: If I have one existing contact item, and then update the middle name only.

    If the Supported is skipped, all elements are not ghosted. What will happen?

    What will happen if the Supported is used?

    Thursday, September 25, 2014 9:39 AM