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  • I am wondering about getting rid of some nested foreach's in my code using LINQ. For example, assume the following code:

      IEnumerable<MyObject1> MyObject1Collection = SomeCollection.Cast<MyObject1>()
                        foreach (MyObject1 obj1 in MyObject1Collection)
                            foreach (MyObject2 obj2 in MyObject1.MyObject2Collection)                           {                           
    if (MyObject2.IsFalse)
    // Do Stuff
    Is there a better way to do this with LINQ?

    Friday, November 6, 2009 3:38 PM


  • There are two ways to do this: method syntax and query syntax:

    List<object> SomeCollection = new List<object>();

    var methodsyntax = SomeCollection.OfType<MyObject1>().SelectMany(x => x.MyObject2Collection).Where(x => x.IsFalse);

    var querysyntax = from obj1 in SomeCollection.OfType<MyObject1>()
                      from obj2 in obj1.MyObject2Collection
                      where obj2.IsFalse
                      select obj2;

    // use a foreach loop here.

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