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  • I have to do a project from
    that is essentially to create a security framework (or API? what is the difference?)
    repeating functionality of System.Web.Security but for Windows Forms.

    There are few articles on using System.Web.Security for Windows forms (for ex., [1], [2])

    Nevertheles I'd like to understand better:
    Why the security API had not been unified through .NET? 
    Which possible differences, pitfalls should be considered?
    What are possible implications of using System.Web.Security for winforms

    Why someone would need or want to implement its own security framework having the ready (well-thought, well-done) one?
    What sould be changed in such (fine-tuned? in what?) custom Security API in comparison with System.Web.Security?

    Guennadi Vanine - Gennady Vanin - Геннадий Ванин
    Juval Lowy. Unify Windows Forms and ASP.NET SECUTITY

    Maurice de Beijer. Using the ASP.NET membership provider in a Windows forms application

    Sunday, November 25, 2007 7:11 AM