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  • Hi Forum,

    I am doing XL automation using visual studio 2015 community version,

    I am struggling more than a day, to get the solution for the below problem.

    Dim lookup_value As String = Msht.Range("B" & Mshtlr + 1).Value
    xlapp.ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add(Name:="LookupRange", RefersToR1C1:="=" & CkSht.Name & "!R1C1:R" & CommonExcelFunctions.lastrow(CkSht,, "E") & "C5")
                xlapp.Range("C" & Mshtlr + 1).Value = xlapp.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(lookup_value, xlapp.Range("LookupRange"), 4, False)

    I am continuously getting the below error

    An unhandled exception of type 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException' occurred in mscorlib.dll

    Additional information: VLookup method of WorksheetFunction class failed

    "lookup_value" is set correctly.

    "LookupRange" is also set correctly in the expected sheet.

    Any reply on the above question is appreciated.

    I am not able to use "WorksheetFunction.Indirect"

    Thanks in Advance


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  • Since the problem is with the VLookup() method call, you may get better support from the Excel for Developers forum.  I will move this thread to that forum and another moderator can move it back if they find that the problem does not lie in the VLookup method call or its parameter values.

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  • Hi -

    Suggest that instead of "xlapp.Range", which I assume xlApp is the Excel Application and not either the workbook or worksheet you intend, that you use "xlapp.ActiveSheet.Range"  and "xlapp.ActiveWorkbook.Range" in your last line:

    xlapp.ActiveSheet.Range("C" & Mshtlr + 1).Value = xlapp.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(lookup_value, xlapp.ActiveWorkbook.Range("LookupRange"), 4, False)

    It may be more useful to use Sheets("<TheSheetNameTheValueShouldGoOn>") instead of ActiveSheet


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  • Hi Thiyagarajan,

    RefersToRange returns the Range object referred to by a Name object. So you could use RefersToRange property to get the named range.

    Here is the example.

    Debug.Print WorksheetFunction.VLookup("a", ActiveWorkbook.Names("LookupRange").RefersToRange, 2, False)

    Best Regards,


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