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  • Hi, All:

        why the minimum sampling interval used by perfmon is always 1 second, why can't the sample interval be smaller? for example, 100 miliseconds.

        If I want to gather the performance counters at a smaller sampling rate, for example, 100 miliseconds, how could I do that. Currently, what I could think of is to use the sample code at, and modify the sleeping time between each sampling. Will that bring negative impact to performance? 

        Studying the sample code (Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Samples\winbase\winnt\perftool\perfdlls) of Windows SDK, I think the major overhead when gathering the performance counters are:

         (1) allocating a buffer,  memset to 0

         (2) fill in the allocated buffer with a pre-defined format of  counter definitions & counter value blocks, the operation includes memcpy counter definition to the buffer.

        Considering above costs,  Supposing that I only gather a counter defined by myself,  will sampling rate of 100 miliseconds really be a big concern to the overall performance?

        Is there any other ways to gather performance counters at a smaller sampling rate?

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