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  • When adding a resource to an exisitng task from PWA the resource is automatically assigned all the work capacity from the tasks start date till it's end date.

    This is a big issue to many customers because it changes the capacity (planned work) of that resource for the period. For instance, if a task is set for three month and you add a resource to it, the resource would get 22, 21, 23 days for each month (if his availabiliity is 100%). A workaround I have created for this issue is to capture the project update schedule events (pre and post) and set the resource's availability at the pre evet to 1% and at the post event return it to 100% or what it was before. This works but still distributes that 1 percent linearly on all months, if the duration is 500 days then it will distribute the 1% = 5 days of work across all the duration. This issue would have been solved if setting to 0% availability would have worked from the PSI, yet when setting 0% it changes the availability to 100%. This works perfectly on the client yet through the PSI when setting any number between 100% and 1% yet 0% changes the availability of the assignment to 100% for an unexplainable reason. Is this a nother FEATURE????

    aric katz
    Thursday, August 11, 2011 5:18 PM

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