may interact kinect (gesture or a movement) with a USB or serial port? to control a robot or electronic device? RRS feed

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  • hi!

    i have a program to recognize a gestures, but, I am interested in establishing a connection or interface between a gesture and movement of a robotic arm or some electronic device through serial or USB port communication.

    at this time, sending a key to achieving any enabled application (such as Excel for example) with a characteristic gesture. Could do this and send data through the USB or serial port and to interpret an electronic device?


    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 5:07 PM

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  • Well if you know what your doing device simulation framework would help to emulate your device then you can send data back and forth from the device for special instances but win usb would help you the most.

    remember to ask in the wdk forum about this libraries because they will most likely be able to help you but I have a mous emulator for multi-mouse devices thats for a kinect project I did thats here:

    It just needs some pause statements added at correct places and then i can stop using the test version and start seperating the code into functions that can be called for emulation.

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