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    Dear all,

    I am coming more from Desktop development where I have over 25 years programing. Today mainly woring as C# and WPF.

    I need to for one of my customer project to start working on web development which is completly new for me. New becqsue tehre are so many framwork around, so many language and architecture type that I am a bit lost.

    First of all the back end will be SQL server.

    I need to find good ressource and books which can cover straight away the essential in real business :

    • The architecture of a web project ( client, server ) : mainly how to a organise and select different components
    • Today seems that javascript is the language to learn for web right ? if yes any good reference ?
    • Then for the redering I have eard a lot on combinqtion of HTML5 and Razor, any good book to learn?
    • Finally I earn about node.js but do not understand what it is exacttly

    At the end I should egt solid knowledge in order to work on a real project in 2 month

    Thnaks for your all advise and book reference according to your professionnal experience.

    PS : my goal is not only to build a hello world application of todo list but need to cover alos professionnal app and app performance, server settings, ...


    Sunday, May 27, 2018 7:59 PM

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