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  • I sent this post to Scott Goble and Steven Sinofsky, haven't gotten any response from them and it's been well over a month of experimenting with Win8 too.
    Overall, Windows 8 is fairly decent, but it needs some UI help. The sharp corners on the Explorer windows, I always feel like I am going to slice my mouse cursor in half...

    The metro UI is really cool, however it's so non-intuitive that no one that is even remotely PC savvy is going to be able to shut down Win8. Having to drag up the Metro picture (or hit enter) to get to the login screen, no, just no, I come from a world where my computer/device shows me how to unlock it (or makes it obvious) plus, there needs to be a simpler way to change that. Also, for those that switched over to the classic windows7 style start menu, there needs to be an easier way to go back to Metro. I currently cannot find a key-combination to launch it. Registry hacks don't count.

    Plus, I like the new style of task manager, why does it have to go away when I disable metro?

    Lastly, It is not currently possible to change the user's profile picture... the option is either hidden or missing from the control panel (User Accounts)

    Also, there is a bug with copying folders containing files to network share points.
    I can copy individual files, just not a folder containing 1 or more files

    Virtualized Windows 8 machine
    Copying to a shared folder on an external disk
    It looks like a network folder to the computer
    Anyways, only the folder copies over, not the data inside it
    (I haven't tried zipped folders yet)

    What other UI nuisances have you discovered? I haven't managed to crash Win8 yet (which is a miracle unto itself)

    Monday, December 26, 2011 9:31 PM

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  • Please submit feedback on your concerns using the Windows Feedback Tool from the Connect Site associated with your Windows Developer Preview program. If you’re an MSDN subscriber, the information on how to join the Connect program is included on the download page where you installed Windows Developer Preview. There’s a link to the Connect site and an invitation code that you can click on to join using a Windows Live ID account. If you’re not an MSDN subscriber follow this limited use link to join the Connect program and then follow the steps here.

    If you are prompted for an invitation code, please enter the following key. MSDN-76H9-3CFP



    Monday, December 26, 2011 11:31 PM