Couldn't find any element with the name using powershell RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I have a SAP internet portal which I am going to automate. The page contains many table elements and inside table row few input tags are exists. The input tag has id and name attribute and it also has few JScript events. So I want to set the value to input tag. Whenever I try to set the value to tag I am getting below exception.

    WARNING: Couldn't find any element with name "WDBD"

     To do the automation I am using PowerShell scripting language. 

    Can anyone suggest me how to set the value for a tag in a webpage.

    Below is the html code where I want to change the value property using Powershell.

    <input name="WDBD" class="urEdf2TxtEnbl" id="WDBD" style="text-align: center;" onkeydown="return me.sapUrMapi_InputField_keydown('WDBD',event);" onkeyup="return me.sapUrMapi_InputField_KeyUp('WDBD',event);" onkeypress="return sapWD_Standard_inputFieldEnter(this,event);" onfocus="return me.sapUrMapi_InputField_focus('WDBD',event);" onblur="return me.sapUrMapi_InputField_Blur('WDBD',event);" onchange="return sapWD_Standard_inputFieldChange(this);" onselectstart="return me.sapUrMapi_InputField_onselectstart('WDBD',event);" type="text" size="5" maxLength="5" autocomplete="off" ct="I" tp="BDC" st="" value="0.00"/>
    Monday, July 16, 2012 5:09 PM

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