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    Hi, I go by many names my hacker handle would be Reigh "ray" short for stingray.

    I was brainstorming and coming up with who I'd need to consult for physical and electronic security for a very let’s just say could be a quack-pot idea or could terraform earth and move people looking for refuge out of more populated areas? Dunno also need to run a lot of numbers I'm the creative type and have built some things I have a mostly finished electronic medical records system on this machine also needs a team. In fact I need a lot of teams. Anyways I've voyeur’d DEF-Con for years on you tube and attended my home town Pink Elephant Unicorn 4 while on vacation. I do this because I wanted as much foresight on security of the information services ingest and the local on-sight data centers I had planned for my healthcare software had I the resources to do that.


    This is not that I had also experienced 4 year of homelessness so lots of time to spend in libraries looking to build Ideas on providing the world necessities for everyone. IE last presidential elections kind of like that fake anonymous outfit but long before they came forward what the idea of a group occupying the presidency. I mean that's strange I thought we had a cabinet. Also I want to say a lot of my knowledge comes from PBS and others like it complexly and One three brown one blue New hours, I appreciate but don't often listen to NPR world news better perspectives so them for the white house cabinet or whomever their sources are and them as a team presenting to the leadership and so on to the world.

    So I'm bi poplar due to traumatic stresses long term so sorry if I ramble or as I call it pressured text. I have some ideas on restoring the atmosphere over the malaria belt using farms I know crazy right.


    Ok before you write me off here are the talking points I need help researching. Power MSR Fast breeder curves LFTR and Kirk (captain as I like to call him) Sorenson He can make safe reliable plans for plants on the coast of the northern horn of Africa where ever is appropriate to put desalinization plants power by them. He is a NASA Scientist who revamped the ORNL research they abandoned after deciding on the first solid fuel nuclear which is a different and more dirty though more energy dense but still per capita dirtier considering vastly different storage time frames and safe passive security of these reactors. There are new techniques for 3d printing better membranes and lots of them out there I'll find the technique later I noted in my weapons of peace file. So we are pipeline sending desalinized water one of two or both places with World Bank money. Either A along the paths Egypt wanted to make a second great dam on the Nile NILE 2.0 (Equipment was an issue I'll get to that in a minute) I call it or B along the flood plains you can see from satellites from the norther horn of Africa in a u loop to the Nile believed to be the gangues river I can't remember it was on the same local Channel 5-3 documentary about the Nile damn here in Seattle. So my idea with the horn of Africa was to slowly move in from the north down and build infrastructure as we edge into the malaria belt of hot radiation where the atmosphere is weak. Water either desalinized at the oceans or on site would provide primary drinking water. The evaporation of water would provide two things for the atmosphere H and O and then we would take waste water and use Bill Gates toilet designs to recycle human and other waste such as cattle into more water for crops and nitrogen. My hope here and I need a physicist like Matt at PBS space-time an astral physics science informer who talks about lots of large boy issues and path like terraforming mars or Jupiter's moon kinds of math. He or others like him may be able to run real numbers can we offset the carbon dioxide and push that with the nitrogen also turning to gas with evaporation and O and H to restore enough atmosphere to make cloud formation easier. Make it rain in Africa so to speak and the water vapor would provide insulation form cosmic solar radiation.

    Other key points are moving people away from seeking refuge away from the belt and causing less stress on the density of populated countries receiving them. To provide more access to food and water resources for then there. We would need Insulating tents for persona quarters thick canvas or something with a color to reflect away sunlight rotation. I have seen some techniques used to print more cookie cutter concrete building as large 3d printers using concrete they can be two things one we can have central infrastructure like a commons recreation and cafeterias sheltered from the sun. Two we may want to use some of the techniques of farm bots for each tier of the 3d farms that a guy I can link you too made in New Jersey to house these non-reliant grain farms would be building equivalent to parking structures tiers with a slow downward drainage. We could also use the New Jersey technique to have vertically rotating conveyor belt bins each with a type of crop in them. To address the issues in the 70's with Egypt's issues with foreign equipment to build the great damn on the Nile. Turns out we need that experience to make sure any machinery tractors and transportation can withstand the heat and environments we are going to be in. I also say we contact Dubai as they are the best at moving sand for very large projects. Sand I read usually accumulates as much as it forms there so we will probably need to move it out to build Strong roads for our infrastructures and transportation of good and people for such a large project. I'm willing to give up for a piece of being part of the project my organizational tech with the help of a more formally trained developer to polish it for publishing while they build the Power plants and water. I have tools to track and keep track of health care records and also some on how to live within tight constraints on food for a normal diet to offer up. I suggest we consult knowledgeable people about world food like the Eater Indians for the vegan vegetarian and specialty diets I could recommend Broth Eats Green on You tube now Pro Home cooks as I fine-tuned the variety in my meals based on his videos he can also show us how from raw to make canned, Jarred preserved food and fermentation as well as even things like kombucha from scratch (‘Saisly’ food; saucy, spicy, salty good plant option food without expensive replacement meats).  I think from talking to people we might be able to have Israel citizens do the ground work of physical security of camps and infrastructure as well as Def-con and them on electronic security and problem solving. We will still need to keep educating people about population explosions as we don't want another think similar to the industrial revolution. Also about Moderation VS greed due need for recreation and the human condition but a sense of reverence not tied to zealousness that leads to one sided ideas we fight over. Systems can be on a tight budget but having some less narrow band and more flexibility in the systems without overdoing it will make for a more contented and equality in caring for people to reduce tension cause by fight flight and freeze in survival mode or for greedy natures of want in the human condition.

    Thursday, October 10, 2019 10:50 AM