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  • Hello everybody!

    Now I done my project! It's precompiler for Small basic!

    With it you can write:

    Sub say




    first - the first argument

    second - the second

    third - the third

    you can also make objects. for example:

    Obj Math

    Sub Sum

    TextWindow.WriteLine(first + second)



    Math.Sum(666, 666)

    But don't make this:

    Obj Math

       Sub Sum

       TextWindow.WriteLine(first + second)



    How to use?

    1.Download files

    2.Open in SB.

    3.Write in variable "path" path where you want storage projects

    4.Open file compilerStart.exe and write all

    5. Go in your path and open folder SBprojects

    6.Find your project and open it

    7.Open SBcompiler.exe and open your file in SB

    8.Write programm

    10.In end of programm write 'end

    11.When you want compile programm move your cursor in top-left corner

    12.After then start file yourFileName+(compiled)

    If you want end working you must move cursor on top-left corner with press right button

    Thank you for reading! ^_^

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    Sunday, July 8, 2018 7:18 AM