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  • AGE Industries problems with Great Plains Accounting


    AGE Industries September 14, 2009


    has Great Plains Accounting version 10 running on Windows 2008 Server with SQL 2005 version. Workstations are XP Professional.


    AGE has a T1 data line, with an internet-based phone system. The phone lines use the same router (switch) as the computers.


    Great Plains workstations will not access the SQL database on the server when the phone system goes down. Workstations can see the server files and other workstation files when the phone system is down, but workstations cannot log in to Great Plains. The server itself can log into Great Plains.

    This problem started as soon as the data phone system was installed and has been consistent for several years.


    The data phone system does not work when the internet goes down. That means that the workstations cannot log into Great Plains when either the phone system goes down by itself, or  when the internet goes down since the phone system depends on the internet.


    This same problem has occurred through at least two server hardware replacements and through Great Plains versions 9 and 10, and through Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, and SQL server 2003 and 2005.


    The Data phone system techs say that Great Plains must be trying to access the internet and this is why it doesn’t work. Microsoft has said in the past that Great Plains does not need to access the internet. Otherwise the data phone people cannot explain it.


    Other facts that may be pertinent:


    In troubleshooting, a workstation connected directly to the server will log into Great Plains as long as the Windows 2008 Server firewall is down.


    When first installing the system, and working with only one workstation and the server at another site with no data phones in existence, I had to disable Windows Firewall to allow the workstations to log in to Great Plains on the server. A Great Plains tech logged in to the installation and could find no other problem with the setup. It started working correctly when we disabled Windows firewall.


    Workstations must be assigned an IP number in order to log in to Great Plains. Without an IP number they will not access the SQL database.


    To access the internet, we used the IP and DNS numbers assigned by the data phone company. The dataphone tech says that the phones use a different IP.


    How can we solve the problem?


    How can we troubleshoot / solve this problem. The company cannot afford to have their accounting system down every time the data phone company has problems or the internet goes down.

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009 4:25 PM


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    Tuesday, September 22, 2009 9:47 AM