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    Just started to use Project server.

    Please could someone help me with a question regarding calculated columns within a list?

    I have created a list within a Project Server environment which contains project risks.

    Within the list is a calculated column that determines the Risk Exposure. Risk Exposure

    is calculated using values from 5 other columns within the list:

    Financial Risk (numerical value (i.e. 8000)

    Instability (Choice of: "High", "Medium" or "Low")

    Sensitivity (Choice of: "High", "Medium" or "Low")

    Probability (Choice of: "High", "Medium" or "Low")

    Impact (Choice of: "High", "Medium" or "Low")

    Below is the equivalent EXCEL formula where Financial Risk is cell M13, Instability is cell G13, Sensitivity is cell H13, Probability is cell H13 and Impact is cell J13).

    = Financial Risk * (COUNTIF(G13:J13,"High") *0.25 + COUNTIF(G13:J13,"Medium") *0.125 + COUNTIF(G13:J13,"Low") *0.05)

    I've tried to replicate this within the Project Server list. However, I understand that COUNTIF is not available, I've tried COUNTA but that doesn't do the job.  Are there alternative functions available or do I have to write VB Script to achieve the desired result?




    Monday, March 19, 2012 12:12 PM