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    I have a couple of backups on premises with MARS agent. One of them is affecting the internet perfomance and i want to stop it from the Azure portal (i dont want to limit the BW that i know is an option):

    I go to the next path:

    Inicio -> Almacenes de Recovery Services -> bk-servidor - Elementos de copia de seguridad -> Elementos de copia de seguridad (Azure Backup Agent)

    When i go there and click on the job that is in progress and i want to stop, it show me an option "Cancel" but it appears disabled, then i cannot stop the job. I know that from the agent installed in the server or workstation i could do it, but i would want to do it from the Azure Portal.

    ¿ Why the option seems to be disabled ?. Its important to clarify that i am global administratior (owner) of that suscription

    ¿ Is there other way to stop a job from the Azure Portal ?

    Thanks in advance

    Friday, November 1, 2019 7:37 PM

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  • Currently stopping a backup job from Azure portal is not an option. However, you can do so using PowerShell - Stop-AzureRmBackupJob but this command doesn't pause the backup job instead it cancels it

    I understand this is a feature in demand and there has been an active conversation at the feedback forum on this. I recommend you comment on this feature request and up vote it. The more individuals that vote for the request, the higher the likely hood it will be implemented.

    Monday, November 4, 2019 7:33 AM