POC TP3 Refresh Notice: DO NOT INSTALL the available OS Updates for the Windows Server 2016 HOST or Infra VMs RRS feed

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  • Hello Azure Stack Community --

    I wanted to take a few minutes to provide a notice on a couple things...

    After deploying the Azure Stack POC TP3 Refresh (build 20170331.1), you will likely see the following after a few hours/days:

    Updates 1

    and then...

    Updates 2

    DO NOT INSTALL these UPDATES (which requires a reboot). This goes for the HOST and any of the Infra VMs.

    There are two primary reasons to avoid installing these updates:

    1. This EVAL build of Windows Server 2016 is also flagged/watermarked "For testing purposes only" and should also not be updated/patched.
      test build
    2. We currently have a known issue (http://aka.ms/AzureStackTroubleshooting) for build 20170331.1 that we are assessing the impact of, around the reboot of the HOST OS (and Infra VMs). It states: "You should avoid restarting the one-node environment because Azure Stack infrastructure services do not start in the proper order." And because they do not come up in the correct order, the environment becomes unusable, at which time a redeployment is necessary. That said, we have seen a range of behaviors after reboot...including fully functional environments, through completely unusable (with a few shades of unusable in-between).

    As always, we will keep the community up to date on the status of the HOST / Infra VM Reboot Known Issue, but for now and for this build, both installing the updates AND rebooting is discouraged.

    If you have specific issues/questions on this, please create a new forum post so we can address it.

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

    -Charles, on behalf of the Azure Stack Team

    Charles Joy [MSFT] https://twitter.com/OrchestratorGuy

    Tuesday, April 11, 2017 3:12 AM