How to make an info ticker RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I am working on redesigning the website for my business. After discussing what should be included in the new design, myself and my two partners would like to see a scrolling ticker displayed on the website as one of the enhancements.

    I have watched some videos over the past few weeks, and did some other research, now I feel a little more confident in the terms that way I do not feel like a fool when someone replies - hopefully. :)

    The ticker should scroll from bottom to top, similar to that old HTML marquee that has long since past. This will differ from that in the sense that I want it to have multiple lines of information, stop so people can actually read it, and have two sets of arrows that would allow site visitors to scroll through the information if they so choose.

    I have the graphic all set in my mind, now it has come to the point where the rubber hits the road.

    The sample entries would be like:

    << Dave in Birmingham, AL saved $93.26 on his home expenses this month >>

    << Jennifer in South Beach, FL saved $101.30 on her home expenses this month >>

    ... and so on. This should repeat through all the data continuously.


    Would I store the data in an xml file and connect it to the project in some sense? And I am not sure how to get the navigation arrows working the way I want.


    This forum is where I learned Expression Web - you guys are great! Looking forward to learning this wonderful tool here as well.

    Saturday, July 23, 2011 4:13 AM